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Make a streamlabs app for Xbox and PS4

I think you guys should team up with Microsoft and Sony to allow us to have a streamlabs app on Xbox and PS4 which would be so much better than using the box standard twitch app or mixer app, you can allow the customisation through a mobile app like you have for your pc users with streamlabs dashboard, allowing them to change scenes etc through their mobile app instead of changing it on their pc, this is possible and would be amazing. I think this will widen your audience even more so than it already is!

  • FrenzyFam
  • Apr 18 2020
  • It's JUST Shawn Shawn commented
    15 Oct 07:29pm


  • caragwsendiri commented
    10 Oct 10:25am


  • VI SH NU commented
    8 Oct 03:24am
  • Jayden Richardson commented
    15 Sep 06:03pm

    I agree

  • Ahmed Alwardani commented
    13 Sep 05:21pm


  • Ahmed Alwardani commented
    13 Sep 05:21pm
  • Alan Cooper commented
    1 Sep 11:55am


  • Bcimblind commented
    20 Aug 01:31am

    please do this, it will help and support millions of streamers

  • BEGonzo_Live commented
    9 Aug 02:10pm

    This is the best idea I have seen in a long time. People don’t really want to spend money on a capture card of they don’t have too, and with the new Xbox coming out, just have people get a cheap 5-10 dollor set of mice and key keyboards.

  • ancre68 commented
    23 Jul 01:31pm


  • Treymok commented
    16 Jul 01:20pm

    While I'd love this. It's never going to happen. First it would require overlay files etc to be stored on the PS4, which if Skyrim and Fallout 4 mods are any indicator, is never going to happen. Secondly, it would create too much overhead on the console. Instead of just using the internal encoder that is either streaming to a service or saving gameplay to the HDD, now you want the console to also process and render your events, transitions, etc etc. Yeah, it's not happening.

  • Chuuy__ commented
    8 Jul 10:00am

    PLEASE DO THISSTREAMLABS!!!! I really want to customize my stream while on ps4. i am trying to figure out how to connect my ps4 to my chromebook via remote play bc i cannot afford a capture c

  • Delusi0nalGam3r_ commented
    30 Jun 10:00pm

    I definitely agree with this, specially with the new gen consoles it would be super useful

  • dreamkchannel commented
    10 Jun 10:26am

    pls do

  • uhhkiwi commented
    5 Jun 08:23am

    please do

  • MORIDERRR commented
    2 Jun 03:07pm

    Please!!!!! on PS4 and PS5

  • jhowmarquez commented
    30 May 01:13pm

    yes, please

  • michaljarosz commented
    29 May 06:45am

    siema zapraszam na muj kanał

  • ebenerramos commented
    24 May 07:48pm


  • kDkTuThinho22 commented
    23 May 10:41pm

    Sim, por favor.

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