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Fix the "Select subforum topic" button on streamlabs help

I'm trying to post on the streamlabs help center yet I can't select a subforum topic so it won't let me post, I've tried 3 different browsers and I just can't open the drop-down or do anything, help?

  • JayTuut
  • Apr 20 2020
  • master_effe commented
    29 Aug 01:53am

    Not fixed n

  • Lelandz commented
    27 Aug 07:25pm

    Still broken! Cool, good stuff Streamlabs.

  • Shreckinsect commented
    27 Aug 12:19pm

    its been 3 months and i cant stream becuse i need sone help with somthing and i cant post to get help becuse of this FIX THIS

  • MarcoelRabano commented
    24 Aug 07:18am

    SL Please fix it

  • MithikaL commented
    24 Aug 04:49am

    same can u fix it please streamlabs

  • RdySetSTREAM commented
    22 Aug 01:05pm

    Same here whats going on i have a feeling they want the gate posting issues with this bullshit

  • Virgoo19 commented
    9 Aug 09:51pm

    Automatic $5.99 Payment Monthly for "Digital Media" taken from my PayPal account. I've been charged in June, July and August for nothing!

    I've never been signed for this. What is going on ? I really need some help!

  • susanmouse commented
    8 Aug 01:08am

    Omomg same. I pay for something but i dont know what. And now nobody cant help because of that .-.

  • Evil_Incorporated commented
    7 Aug 08:16pm

    Same issue here. What the fuck is going on SL?

  • OfficalElectricZz commented
    7 Aug 02:12pm

    fix that shit pls omg

  • DatboiSnap commented
    6 Aug 12:18am

    also having this same issue. It’s ridiculous at this point

  • Poogieisfood commented
    4 Aug 03:25pm

    And I cannot request or send a topic becuase of this glitched title.

  • Poogieisfood commented
    4 Aug 03:23pm

    So I tried donating to a streamer yesterday 8/3/20. I initiated the donation three times because the previous transactions said error could not send donation. Third attempt and it finally went through ALONG with the two other transactions THAT clearly STATED ERROR could not initiate request. Now on the guide lines Streamlabs says they do not refund tips/donations BUT that money was never recieved.

  • jordantsu commented
    3 Aug 09:43pm

    I am having the same problem.

  • sinistram01 commented
    2 Aug 02:45pm

    This is beyond parody, I'm now writing IN A WHITE TEXTBOX and the default TEXT COLOR IS WHITE>
    And also I can't chose the topic in help section so I can't ask my question.

  • akiraliebtdich commented
    1 Aug 10:04pm

    The original post is from April 20th, it is August 1st and this problem is still unsolved

  • Chilleaz commented
    1 Aug 03:50pm

    i am also having the same problem i really need help

  • Chilleaz commented
    1 Aug 03:49pm

    i a

  • desternate commented
    1 Aug 12:46pm

    this is called pro scamming as even im having same problem this is stupid

  • DeuxGaming commented
    28 Jul 01:58am

    I'm impressed this has more than 3 months without being solved. This is a massive turn off for streamers. So unprofessional.

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