Feature Suggestions

Loyalty shop and point rewards

Hi would like a loyalty shop so people can buy stuff and a pop up will appear over the stream saying persons username then they bought whatever it is they bought. and also point rewards that they will get given x amount x amount of time (for example 20 points given to a user every 10 minutes they watch your stream) if you do this I will most definitely use stream labs.

  • Combined Gaming
  • Aug 20 2017
  • griddark commented
    23 Nov, 2017 01:23am

    I would switch in a heart beat to streamlabs for everything but a big part of my streams success is the stream elements store, selling in-game items and other good via loyalty points would be amazing, and it's the only holding me back from the switch. 
    Also I've seen a little robot thing that sits on the stream and welcomes people in, I personally dislike this, but if it could instead respond to questions like "how do I earn more currency" etc, holy cow that would be ultimate.