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Maximum amount of messages in chat box

Dear employee of streamlabs,


When i use the "chat box" feature in streamlabs i cannot set a maximum amount of messages that will be shown in the chat box. This is a problem, because it goes over the chatbox overlay i made in OBS. I'm quite sure i am not the only one stuggling with this.


Could you guys please make an option to limit the amount of messages shown, so that after this amount has been reached, the next new message will replace the oldest one? That would be awesome, because now i'm forced to use some other 3rd party software for this although i would rather use streamlabs..


Kind regards, Brian

  • FuriouZ_TV
  • Aug 21 2017
  • Shadzar commented
    August 22, 2017 14:10

    the overlay you made for OBS. check the size of the area you have for the chatbox, and in the Browser Source for the SL chatbox set the Width and Height of the webpage to that same size and it will fit exactly where you want it.