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How do I recover my Amazon account?

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How do I recover my Amazon account?

Sometimes you get locked out of your Amazon accounts and need help recovering it. Let us assist you to get back into these easy steps.

It is common for one to forget the password of an account. The average internet customer has at least seven social media & other online accounts. Having many account's means using more than one password. You perhaps have unique passwords for every account you own, because it is safe to have different passwords. Amazon is probably one of these active accounts you have. Many online shoppers prefer Amazon because of how convenient the web site is. You can easily navigate through the website and order for the product you want. What happens if you try to log in to your Amazon account but cannot gain access? the following guidelines will assist you to recover your Amazon account if you happen to lose your password

Click on the 'Forgot Your Password' link on the site. The link appears right next to the text written 'Password.'

Once you're on the new page, key in your Email or mobile phone number on the space provided and click the button written 'Continue.' You may have changed your email address or telephone number since you opened your account.

Choose the mode by which you want to have your password changed. The options provided are 'set a new password' and 'sign in with a temporary code. Skip resetting your password'. Select either and click on the 'continue' button.'

A code will be sent to your Email if you keyed in your Email in step two. Go through your spam messages if you do not see anything in your inbox. Check your SMS message if you keyed in your mobile number.

Copy the code sent to you by Amazon as instructed in your Email. This code is sent to ensure that Amazon is contacting the legitimate owner of the account.

The next step requires you to enter the name you use for your account. This step is part of the safety question.

The final step involves creating a new password. Key in your new password and confirm. It's essential for the password you create to be strong. Weak passwords will make your account vulnerable and provides malicious parties easy access. The following tips will assist you to create a strong password.

How to Create a Strong Password ?

Do not use a single password on all your accounts because it puts all your accounts at risk. Try and be creative with the passwords you employ.

Use a password manager if you have an issue remembering all the passwords you use. There's a variety of valid password managers online.

Use eight or more characters in your password. Amazon allows a maximum of 1 hundred and twenty-eight characters for passwords. Mix up special characters, caps, numbers, and small letters in your passwords. 'cG#T10l&hL' is an example of a powerful password.

Avoid using simple words and numbers as passwords. 'staircase,' 'tablet,' '12345678', abcdefgh' 'abcd1234' 'password,' and 'Amazon' are examples of simple passwords, which are easy to guess. Don't use your name as a password, either.

Use new passwords. Don't repeat an old password because it's easy for you to remember. Search for an original password that you haven't used before. Don't use the same password you use for the email account you use to log in to your Amazon account.

Passwords should be confidential. Don't go on sharing your password with partie's you do not believe. Keep your account secure and safe from mischievous individuals. With the new password, you're now able to log in and shop.

  • Joel Barco
  • May 13 2020