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Simple Lite Version/Mode For Plug And Play Streaming.

So hear my out. I've been streaming for a while and have used many different programs in that time. So far the best ones are the most complicated ones. but recently i found a real simple one that's lite plug and play and has a lot of features but isn't overwhelming at all.

Xplit GameCaster Very nice simple program for streaming great for new streamers or just the casual streamer that doesn't want every bell and whistle all the time.

I propose that we all work to make a lite or (simple) Version of slobs or just a new editor mode that just simplifies all of it in to one tight little package.

Just A smaller version that almost plug and play so you can take your stream set up with you in like a usb drive. If you know what i mean. For when im away from home and want to do a quick vod or my woman would like to stream for a bit. it would save alot of hassle to just have it open and ready to stream with very little set up. like


Enter Stream title and game.

*loads up the themes you ve set for that game

*and every setting you have preset for it

launch the game and voila your streaming.

Simple enough to say but not sure how much work it would be to condense slops that much..

you could just do a GUI overhaul and cover up the features,

probably the fastest way to do it I think.

then there isn't much to be changed just some gui elements and a few steps of input boxes to login and set the title and such.

  • TheOfficialNovixel
  • May 22 2020