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!nuke command within the chatbot

EDIT: Here's an easy alternative to one of my commands.

!nuke LUL 1m [time from command use the keyword has been typed in the chat] 10m [amount of time to timeout user that triggered the bot]

This would work way better. <3


Sometimes, you encounter bots on your twitch chat that all spam a specific scummy link or a generic troll message, and you don't want your viewers to click on that stuff. I'd love to have an easy command for this to be able to clear the bot messages/accounts that have been associated with the spam.

This nuke command would work like this:

!nuke [time (in minutes, or whatever works best) within the chat messages have been posted] [keyword being repeated]

So in chat, mods/streamers can just type:

!nuke 10s freetwitchviews

!nuke 1m twitch.tv/

!nuke 1h lol


And maybe add an extra variable.

0 = timeout all accounts which trigger the bot keyword within that time slot | 1 = ban all accounts | 2 = ban all accounts & add the keyword into a "blacklist" in the chat mod commands | 3 = (special variable) timeouts/bans all accounts using the keyword only AFTER the command has been used in chat for the ammount of time it's been set to trigger for.


!nuke 2m LUL 0

output: timeout all accounts that have typed "LUL" in the chat in the past 2 minutes.

!nuke 1m twitter.com/ 1

output: bans all accounts that have typed "twitter.com/" in the past minute.

!nuke 5m idiot 2

output: bans all accounts that have typed "idiot" in the past 5 minutes, and adds the word into a blacklist of words the automod restricts typing in chat.

!nuke 10m cmonBruh 3

output: bans all accounts that will type "cmonBruh" in the next 10 minutes in chat.


This would create a difference between a toxic spam and just a bot spam that would post a unique link or message. This can be mixed and matched with other variables and command types, but in general, this is an ESSENCIAL command for streamers that get troll raids/toxic chat spams/bot raids sometimes.

Thanks streamlabs <3

  • middleclassbear
  • Jun 2 2020