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Allowing hotkeys to work over hotkey modifiers (SHIFT/CTRL/ALT)

The issue is that when you push a hotkey modifier, such as Shift, Ctrl, or Alt it cancels the current hotkey function. For example, Shift Sprinting in a game won't allow you to use other hotkeys until you release the modifier. OBS Studio has no issues with this and it would be amazing if it were the same in SLOBS.

  • RyanPS2
  • Jun 3 2020
  • Ryun commented
    29 Jul, 2020 12:39am


  • Ryun commented
    29 Jul, 2020 12:16am

    I desperately want this feature too, I am in an absolute nightmareish situation where I just cannot find a reliable hotkey without messing with my sprinting (SHIFT) or crouching (CTRL) in game...

    I have a tick where I feel the need to clear my throat oten, and so to feel confident enough to stream, I need my mute hotkey to work 100% of the time with no issues, otherwise I will be paranoid of it messing up and my stream quality could be affected by my staying muted accidentally for example.

    We NEED modifier keys to stop interferring with SLOBS hotkeys!