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Add Streamlabs Deck to Amazon App Store

Having only one monitor, I debated how to better control my stream without having to Alt+Tab whenever I needed to change a scene, alter sound volume, etc. I found that the best--and cheapest--way for me personally was to invest in a tablet. However, that left me with few good options, since iPads and Surfaces are already priced just as expensive as a good monitor. So the next best option was an Amazon Fire. I didn't realize the current up-to-date app was completely different from the version on the Amazon store.

I believe adding Streamlabs Deck to the Amazon App Store would open the door for so many current and potential users that need that "little extra screen" to manage their stream easier but doesn't break the bank.

So devs, any way you could help us out here?

  • Arrowstreak
  • Jun 5 2020