Feature Suggestions

Ability to use your phone as a webcam source.

As a small streamer trying to make his stream look professional without the right tools, a
webcam is a must have to have a professional looking stream and let the audience engage further. In my case and im sure many others, i dont have a dedicated webcam, but i do have
a phone with a nice camera.

i think it would be a great idea to add Phone camera support in the Streamlabs App so small
streamers can have a webcam to use handy. I am tired of using third party apps asking for
money for average looking support. This idea can be used wirelessly (expecting some latency issues of course) or wired into the PC being used to stream vie USB.

If this gets added i'm sure many small time streamers will be encouraged to use this feature making their streams more approachable and engage more with the streamer
  • ShantuBTW
  • Jun 20 2020