Feature Suggestions

Automatic Goal Reset

I would like to have the option to have the Bit and Tip/Donation bars automatically reset once the goal has been reached. Every time the viewers reach the goal it should automatically reset and carry any remaining bits or currency over to the next goal. This option could be a simple ON/OFF option with the option to disable an end date.  

I know a lot of streamers use the bars to set long-term goals however I currently use them for short term goals that I can hit multiple times a stream. Every time a goal is reached the stream is rewarded and the goal starts over.

Currently when the goal is reached I have to

1. Log into Streamlabs

2. End the goal

3. Create a new goal name

4. Set a new goal

5. Set a starting amount

6. Set an end date

Having this option would allow me to continue moving the stream forward without losing stream hype/energy while I log in and reset everything.

Having a custom alert that triggers when the goal is reached would be awesome too.

  • SmokinDank5280
  • Aug 27 2017
  • KensonPlays commented
    28 Jan, 2019 06:21am

    Maybe have built-in options for "weekly," "monthly," "bi-yearly (6 months)," and "annually" with the ability to set a custom period of X days?

  • KensonPlays commented
    28 Jan, 2019 06:18am

    Yes please. For more than Bits & Tips though. For all goal types. 


    Like for Followers, Tips, Bits, Subs, and Patrons!