Feature Suggestions

Stream Assistant Mode in App

I heard about the app and thought it would be a great tool to just assist with seeing/managing alerts from the app because i only have 1 monitor but found that it simply tries to capture and broadcast from the app. Simply put i think an option where all it does is display the widgets you want to see on  your phone so you can use it as your second monitor to see things like chat, donations, follows etc. The only way I know who followed currently is waiting for the stream to catch up on my phone. Luckily i found that i can simply not broadcast and set the option on the widget to "Show over camera preview" and not start broadcast to get a similar result to what im looking for but it would be cool to have a mode where i didnt have to have the camera constantly on to do so.

  • TheYellingMute
  • Aug 28 2017