Feature Suggestions

Add Trovo as a streaming platform

could you guys pleased add Trovo as a streaming platform? Also so that chat will work inside of stream labs so that I don’t have to open a separate browser window for chat? If you could I’d greatly appreciate it! Thank you!

  • sch0ening
  • Jun 28 2020
  • Bo Shchwab commented
    5 Jul 09:28pm


  • KozenEditing commented
    4 Jul 04:55pm

    Would love to see this happen!

  • Bluejaysz commented
    3 Jul 07:52pm
    Please do add Trovo to the list :)
  • liquifiedlol commented
    2 Jul 09:52pm

    the would be awesome

  • Educati0n commented
    2 Jul 09:13pm

    yes please!!!!

  • Ihfsa commented
    1 Jul 06:01pm

    PLease do that, FAST

  • Fareryniel commented
    1 Jul 09:36am


  • ImPiddy commented
    30 Jun 09:24am

    Yes, please add Trovo!

  • Sandsawks commented
    30 Jun 12:44am

    I would like to third this motion motion

  • Albert_Meilenstein commented
    29 Jun 08:05pm

    YES i wish t too. Please do to connect TROVO witch Streamlabs Chatbot. THANKS