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Add Trovo as a streaming platform

could you guys pleased add Trovo as a streaming platform? Also so that chat will work inside of stream labs so that I don’t have to open a separate browser window for chat? If you could I’d greatly appreciate it! Thank you!

  • sch0ening
  • Jun 28 2020
  • Ezzah Shah commented
    18 Nov 08:51am

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  • Ammonox commented
    17 Nov 07:01pm

    Yea please add multistream to trovo :)

  • Flashy_DE commented
    12 Nov 10:58pm

    Itwould be grat if you can support trovo chat and integration

  • Hurain Khalid commented
    18 Oct 03:46pm

    I too would like this. Can it be added to the multistream Software platform?

  • lilmissmonster commented
    12 Oct 11:00pm

    Need chat and alert integration for Trovo!

  • 1Isher commented
    12 Oct 04:00pm


  • darkfiredreamer commented
    29 Sep 03:53am

    I too would like this. Can it be added to the multistream platform?

  • RatiPL_ commented
    19 Sep 09:56am


  • jeff12g commented
    14 Sep 05:56pm

    Por favor es una buena idea, y nos serviría demasiado

  • jhluxo commented
    9 Sep 03:10am


  • Jimbolo25 commented
    6 Sep 05:09pm


  • Xperial commented
    5 Sep 04:01am


  • CorruptedOnlineGaming commented
    5 Sep 12:06am

    can we plase get integration for trovo in slobs. i would love to use my bot, and trovo is growing steadilyca

  • NoTryBro commented
    2 Sep 01:13am

    lmaooo please

  • Antonhy Gerson Aquije Vega commented
    1 Sep 04:07pm

    Agregen trovo porfavor

  • RyanS1555 commented
    26 Aug 10:20pm


  • bulllox commented
    20 Aug 11:26am

    Why do i wan't Trovo Support:

    • I like Streamlabs and Streamlabs Obs

    • I think Trovo can get bigger with support from Streamlabs

    And many many other reasons, i can't list because it would get to long :)

    So Streamlabs here is a pretty big please from me :)

  • KoMiKoZa - Battle Realms commented
    16 Aug 08:11pm

    Yep, Trovo should indeed be added. :)

  • Rapture_Seks commented
    13 Aug 06:31pm


  • Rapture_Seks commented
    13 Aug 06:31pm

    we trovo!

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