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Add Trovo as a streaming platform

could you guys pleased add Trovo as a streaming platform? Also so that chat will work inside of stream labs so that I don’t have to open a separate browser window for chat? If you could I’d greatly appreciate it! Thank you!

  • sch0ening
  • Jun 28 2020
  • RatiPL_ commented
    19 Sep 09:56


  • jeff12g commented
    14 Sep 17:56

    Por favor es una buena idea, y nos serviría demasiado

  • jhluxo commented
    09 Sep 03:10


  • Jimbolo25 commented
    06 Sep 17:09


  • Xperial commented
    05 Sep 04:01


  • CorruptedOnlineGaming commented
    05 Sep 00:06

    can we plase get integration for trovo in slobs. i would love to use my bot, and trovo is growing steadilyca

  • NoTryBro commented
    02 Sep 01:13

    lmaooo please

  • Antonhy Gerson Aquije Vega commented
    01 Sep 16:07

    Agregen trovo porfavor

  • RyanS1555 commented
    26 Aug 22:20


  • bulllox commented
    20 Aug 11:26

    Why do i wan't Trovo Support:

    • I like Streamlabs and Streamlabs Obs

    • I think Trovo can get bigger with support from Streamlabs

    And many many other reasons, i can't list because it would get to long :)

    So Streamlabs here is a pretty big please from me :)

  • KoMiKoZa - Battle Realms commented
    16 Aug 20:11

    Yep, Trovo should indeed be added. :)

  • Rapture_Seks commented
    13 Aug 18:31


  • Rapture_Seks commented
    13 Aug 18:31

    we trovo!

  • mcflurryyoreo commented
    11 Aug 15:24

    please add trovo to streamlabs! we need it asap!

  • SoloQBarbarian commented
    11 Aug 12:32

    please add trovo to streamlabs.

  • SoloQBarbarian commented
    11 Aug 12:31


  • JayDoyle commented
    10 Aug 12:54

    i li literally just bought prime to stream to trovo and twitch to find out i cant...

  • navzahr commented
    09 Aug 09:08

    Please add Trovo as a streaming platform!! we need this soon!

  • Afirerith commented
    06 Aug 11:23
    We need Streamlabs to add Trovo as platform, it's becoming shameful how long they're taking with Trovo growing steadily each day. I'm starting to think there is more to this and Streamlabs, let me tell you it is not professional at all.
  • EmberOnTrovo commented
    28 Jul 02:26

    Bots make streaming so much easier, and a chat bot for Trovo would be such a help, especially since Streamlabs is cloud based and not run through a terminal!

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