Feature Suggestions

Make Streamlabs CHATBOT and Streamlabs compatible with Trovo

MiXer is dying out, I would like to ask and advise you to contact Trovo and make Streamlabs and Streamlabs Chatbot compatible with Trovo.

I really enjoy using Streamlabs and the Streamlabs Chatbot and, like many others, would miss it if they didn't.

Currently I don't know of any chatbot or alert page that works with Trovo. Therefore I would like to put them very much to the heart to do this please.

Please forward this to the programmers or organizers. As I see in the Internet with a search to this topic, there is very great interest in it.

Kind regards to her


  • Albert_Meilenstein
  • Jun 30 2020
  • Natalie Portman commented
    19 Aug, 2020 08:09am

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  • LainSzvahl commented
    12 Jul, 2020 02:26am

    thumbs up for this! we need it!