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Exclusive Essay Topics For Different Types of Essays

It is hard to find great essay topics no matter how good you are at writing. It is impossible to write my essay without a great essay title. If you are looking for help to find an interesting topic for your essay, you are at luck. In this article, you will find out a variety of essay topics for different kinds of essays.

No matter if you are asked to write a narrative essay, or compare and contrast essay, or any type of other. This article includes a bunch of topics for different essay types to help you ease the starting process of an essay.

  • Informative Essay Topics

  • Methods used by the healthcare system to promote public health?

  • How winning the lottery affects a person

  • The effects of pollution in our oceans

  • How one person can make a difference

  • What are the impacts of global warming on the earth

  • How can students make life on campus better

  • How to overcome addiction

  • The election process in a government

  • Compare And Contrast Essay Topics

  • Teenager vs. young adult relationships

  • Differentiate the extra-curricular activities in high school and voluntarily community services

  • Being single vs. Being in a relationship

  • Male vs. female behavior

  • Differentiate between our moon and Mars’ moons

  • What are the differences between a high school diploma vs. a college degree

  • Discuss the similarities and differences between economics and business studies

  • The differences between Islamic and Christian Holidays

  • What are the benefits of having a part-time job, in college

  • Narrative Essay Topics

  • Describe a difficult decision that you had to make. When did it happen?

  • What is your greatest accomplishment?

  • What is your favorite subject in high school? Why do you like it?

  • What is your best childhood memory?

  • How you discovered your favorite hobby

  • The most memorable school trip

  • A time when you felt completely independent

  • A time when you experienced peer pressure

  • Persuasive Essay Topics

  • Recycling requires an updated law program

  • Humans are the only ones guilty of climate change

  • There is no place for billboards on highways

  • Cats are more important pets than turtles

  • Country life is way better than city life

  • Dogs are better than cats

  • All students should wear uniforms

  • Parents of bullies should have to pay fine

  • We should allow pets in school

  • Teachers should be paid more

  • Free speech should have limitations

  • Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Rich people should have tax breaks

  • Has marine engineering increased pollution?

  • The advantages of recycling water

  • Are beauty pageants exploitive?

  • Euthanasia is not morally acceptable.

  • Should we have to pay to adopt a child?

  • Women make better presidents.

  • Should the death penalty exist?

  • Banning smoking in public places is important.

  • Is watching TV good or bad for children?

  • Social networks are affecting sincere relationships

Selecting an essay topic can be a problem because many of them have already been used by other students in case of write essay for me. Simple and easy essay topics are not interesting as teachers are looking for some extraordinary ideas. They are looking for a paper that stands out from the rest. With the right topic, you will easily decide on the direction and follow it step by step. So, choose a great essay topic and score the highest grades.

Refer to the above list whenever you are asked to write an essay. But what if you are still confused and looking for professional help. In that case, a good option to consider is a legitimate essay writing service online. With the help of professional writers, you can surely increase your chances of getting high grades. So, don’t hesitate to ask for professional help whenever you face difficulty in composing your academic assignments.

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