Feature Suggestions

Able to change size of GUI font/text/meters!

Ever since migrated from OBS Studio to Streamlabs OBS something been bothering me like a stubborn mosquito (and pretty sure not just me). The lack of possibility to change size of fonts in the GUI, and scale the GUI.

Worst case example:

As of today I have 7 audio sources in the mixer area. They take up huge amount of height. So much I am forced to put the mixer area to the left or right in its own column. And then put SLOBS on a separate screen that is in pivot mode, in order to see all mixer meters different sources! And that takes up more than half the height of the screen!

In OBS Studio, I can have the application on a portrait mode, and all those sources would take up halft that height.

In other words: The text font and meters are too big, and there is no way to change the size of them.

Please add a font size and scaling feature in SLOBS!

  • 4NK4N
  • Jul 8 2020