Feature Suggestions

Add support for streamlabs API to fetch cloudbot loyalty points

Hello, I'm a software developer and recently I made a minigame for twitch chat using the streamlabs API for loyalty points.

The problem is that streamers that use cloudbot can't use the program, because it uses a different currency system, a currency system that doesn't allow "fetching" from apps yet. So what I'm supposed to do to those streamers? There's no "import loyalty points" from cloudbot to chatbot, only the other way around. So the streamer either has to manually re-add his points on the chatbot to make it work or he won't get to play with the minigame at all.

So that's why I'm here, I'm asking for your help for them to implement this, since this is a problem that should affect all developers who want to use loyalty points for minigame, it probably doesn't affect a lot of content, but the API feature should've been there from the start and it isn't.

  • RazbiTh3Player
  • Jul 16 2020