Feature Suggestions

Remove loyalty points from a user who violated certain rules as a punishment.

I honestly think that this would be a great feature to have. It would allow for moderators/streamers to punish a user for spamming, using blacklisted phrases/terms, posting links, etc. by removing a certain amount of loyalty points/channel points from them. It would not only teach that user a lesson more than a timeout or two would, but it would also show that the streamer isn't messing around. Not to mention that if the streamer has a Streamlabs Leaderboard on their Twitch channel, the user who was punished would now be lower on the leaderboard than before, sort of publicly shaming him. I think that this feature could definitely be used, especially if it was controlled by chatbot, or cloudbot, or some type of bot, so that way streamers wouldn't have to worry too much about having to do it all manually (yet, I think having the ability to use commands to control this feature would also be good). This feature would definitely help me, not to mention the other people who might use it!

  • jxstmali
  • Jul 16 2020