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Add Chatbot event handling to Cloudbot with enhancement

The Chatbot event handling for doing/saying something when someone joins the stream or says something is awesome. However Cloudbot does not have this functionality, which would be really awesome. I would much rather have one bot that did both of these things, instead of having to run multiple bots, with multiple accounts, and dealing with additional costs of subscribing the bots to the stream.

Putting this functionality into Cloudbot may also reduce/prevent some of the issues that support explained might be present while running Chatbot under my account.

Also, please add within this, the ability to create user lists, where a specific event type may be valid for anyone in the list.

An event could be valid for a single user, or for a list of users.

It could also be really cool to have this userlist be available to assign role/permissions to.

As a streamer I have stream groups that I am part of, and if a fellow streamer of those groups come into chat and says something, I want a specific message. If a different set of users comes into the chat and says something, I want to do a different message. I might also want different set's of users to have specific access to specific channel functions where the role's use of the list could come in very useful.

  • SirWyrd
  • Jul 28 2020
  • SirWyrd commented
    29 Jul 23:19

    I can't help but feel like the comment from James Cameron was generated and used to spam the link that was posted.

  • James Cameron commented
    29 Jul 22:48

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