Feature Suggestions

Chat Notification Alert

Streamchat is close to what I'm after, however, I don't want the chat messages read text to speech. An app that will simply send an audio alert, a ding of sorts or a custom sound that will alert me every time someone sends a chat message (or perhaps just their first chat message with a timer queue so it doesn't continuously ding) so I'm not missing messages via peripheral vision. I miss them quite often therefore I'm missing my community or possibly a new member. Additionally, if this app will allow me to block dings from certain people, such as mods or cloudbot. Final thought, an overlay would be a nice addition as well. Not an overlay for the stream.. but an overlay that will sit on top of my active game where I can see it. I have one for my iRacing game, which overlays my iRacing game app and allows me to see chat messages... because if I were to look over while doing 200mph in an active race, i'm for sure going to wreck. Thank you for your time and consideration.

  • DeuceCay
  • Jul 29 2020