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How People Fall In Love

Would you like to fall in love? Are you single, dating online, and looking for a long term relationship? There are six elements that have been identified by counselors, therapists, and researchers that determine if someone will fall in love with you. They are:

First impression

If you want someone to fall in love with you, it is important to remember that the first time they see you is most likely when they make an assessment of you. Some key areas to pay attention to are: your smile (whiten your teeth), your clothes (wear something flattering that fits and is a good color for you), your shoes (women spend a lot of time shopping for shoes, so guys need to be aware of finding attractive shoes), your hands (men like to see manicures; women do not like to see men with chewed nails). Further, you are remembered when you are friendly, a good listener, and can tell an amusing story.

Similar and complementary qualities

People fall in love when they have similar and complementary qualities. Contrary to popular belief, we are not attracted to someone who is too different from the way we are...at least in values. If you do not share similar values, you may find yourself bumping up against a non-negotiable requirement which will eventually break you up. We are very attracted to people who honor the same values and beliefs that we hold dear.


People fall in love and have more chance of staying in love if they share equality. Intelligence, attractiveness, education, and cultural backgrounds are some of the characteristics where we look to see if we are equals.


If you are a dating single looking for a lasting relationship, pay attention to how you validate others. People fall in love with someone who sees who they are and likes what they see. Don't be afraid to give and receive compliments.


People fall in love with you when you are a good listener, reflect back to the speaker what they have said, and show that you appreciate and hear what they communicate. People are just dying to be heard and understood.


The attitude a person has about sex is important to a lasting relationship. Men in particular will not stay in a marriage where there is no sex.

If you feel any confusion about any of the six principles above, consult with a counselor or coach until you are comfortable with how you feel about them. These are the elements that cause people to fall in love with you.

  • Viatcheslav Chernov
  • Aug 18 2020