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Introduce more advanced rewards options for Extension Overlay

With the introduction of the Twitch Extension, a more thorough rewards system should be implemented.

I would love to be able to edit certain rewards to show if it's a physical reward or an intangible reward. For example, redeeming a t-shirt for 50,000 points but only 1 is available. The viewer would see "1/1 available" and the streamer would have the option to choose whether the reward resets daily/weekly/monthly, etc. 

  • Sasslyn
  • Sep 7 2017
  • miss_flynn commented
    15 Sep, 2017 07:02pm

    I would also love to see the ability to make some rewards sub only. Some of my redepmtions via my current system are only available to subscribers so with the current model I can't fully transition over. It would be great if we could have a way to limit certain rewards to ONLY subs/ only specific sub tiers! 

  • Absnerdity commented
    11 Sep, 2017 02:48am

    Being able to add Steam Keys that people can redeem would be great, too. An automated message gets sent to their Twitch inbox and a whisper.

    Also, make the redemption show up as an Alert and Event.

    "SoandSo redeemed Binding of Isaac for 1000 points!"

  • Omegaforts commented
    7 Sep, 2017 02:37pm

    yes i would love see custom loyalty redemption system like Streamelements currently has instead of using multiple services for rewards. love the options they stream labs has but its not enough to interact with the viewer. i would like to add thing like push ups jumping jack. people can scare me with a loud sound etc.....

  • Sasslyn commented
    7 Sep, 2017 03:07am

    I agree, 0meguis! Obviously this is a very new feature so it's pretty basic. Having the options to edit giveaways as you mentioned would be a great tool.

  • Omeguis commented
    7 Sep, 2017 01:42am

    I think this should apply to giveaways too. 
    Streamer has to be able to set sub chances / sub only giveaways. And of course, use the currency for this.  Right now currency doesn't have a good purpose, viewers need to be able to spend it (redemptions are too basic right now too)

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