Feature Suggestions

Songs to Cost Points + Allow More Than 1 Song Request + Max Song Option

Basically, give us the option to have viewers pay points for song requests

Extra: Allow us to set how many songs people can submit


Extra Extra: Allow us to set the length MAX for song request to deter trolls 

  • MeatheadMilitia
  • Sep 7 2017
  • Planned
  • ActionBa5tard commented
    9 Dec, 2017 12:21am

    Hello! We've completed most of your requests in this :) Check your loyalty settings to enable points per song request and set a max request limit per user.

    Unfortunately limiting max length of a song isnt possible, but you can skip any troll songs via the tab in the recent events panel.

  • Jeff Pollard commented
    25 Oct, 2017 05:13pm

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  • EagleXs commented
    15 Sep, 2017 11:07am

    i made a redeemable reward for doing song requests as a work around, but this would be great!

  • ForsakenArchon commented
    12 Sep, 2017 09:16pm

    And maybe a whitelist as a counterpart to the blacklist, so only users you define can request songs. This way you could have a stream DJ or maybe just let only subs request songs.

  • Demigod808 commented
    8 Sep, 2017 04:01am

    There should be a setting option for the music player to allow more than one song request per viewer.

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