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Loyalty point manager

Streamers can't even see what range of points people have, no points leader board or anything, so they have really

Also  say something broke and a streamer needed to take points away for some reason, maybe they set too often chests or something, or need to refund points for something like one of the default rewards isnt working.

There is no way for the streamer to see the amounts of points anyone has or to be able to adjust them.... at least none I have found because I can't even find my OWN points for MY OWN stream anywhere in the thing unless the extension is loaded on a LIVE stream, since the extension does NOT work on VODCasts.


Streamers need FULL control over the points for whatever reason. StreamLabs is


All the chat bots give the streamer full control over the "points" and even the mods in chat, and this is SEVERLY lacking from Streamlabs as part of its extension. It has a lot of good ground work and things there, but for


It can almost replace Nightbot for all the non-chat modding feature it has since it has polls, but the points system


other idea already presented by people :

audio for points as rewards

video for points as rewards

song requests cost points


and if some of these things come to fruition, without a points manager of some kind, then a streamer cannot manually reward bonus points for things Streamers would much prefer to control the points and contests that award them than having "scratchers" and these other slot machine things randomly do them ALL the time.


PS: there needs to be an Extension category for submitting ideas.

  • Shadzar
  • Sep 7 2017
  • Shipped
  • Sep 13, 2017

    Admin response

    You can currently see a points leaderboard on your tip page.
    Seeing it just through the site is already being developed and we will announce when that is up.

    You can currently see a points leaderboard on your tip page.

    -audio for points as rewards
    -video for points as rewards
    -song requests cost points
    Are also planned.

    -audio for points as rewards

    As mentioned this is the ground work. All these things are something that are relatively much easier to add than building the system around it itself.
    There are a million things we still have left to add.

    UPDATE: Point manager has been added. The rest is being worked on.

  • GeneralM13 commented
    11 Sep, 2017 10:24am

    The Loyalty point leaderboard needs to be visible on the dashboard aswell as the tip/donation page
    There also really needs to be commands to add/Subtract currency from users.

    Either that or options to automatically hand out "Specific" amounts of currency for specific events.

    I for one hand out 250 Carrots at the end of the stream
    1 Carrot per bit cheered, 100 Carrots per euro/dollar donated and 500, 1500 or 2500 carrots for Sub tier 1, 2 and 3 respectively.

    I can't do this currently and that's stopping me from using the Streamlabs extension ;)

  • MzAdventure commented
    10 Sep, 2017 01:45pm

    Please make the giveaway feature more robust and clearly link it to the loyalty points.  I use giveaways a lot and I really like where you are going with this so far... it just feels very unfinished and not quite useable at this point.

  • Shadzar commented
    9 Sep, 2017 08:19am

    *TY  GamekNightPlays that is.... forgot to copy your name when i just blocked that other thing from gaining loyalty points.

  • Shadzar commented
    9 Sep, 2017 08:18am

    TY streamelements  i would have never found that or been able to tell anyone there was a loyalty points leaderboard..

    How often does the streamer even view that page? Just means it REALLY needs to be on the dashboard not hidden somewhere, or worse making people feel like they have to tip by going to the link to see the Loyalty points leaderboard.

    Viewers should be able to see their points in the Extension Overlay itself on a leader board showing maybe 5 above and 5 below them for a total of 11, or the Top 10, or something as an option. Streamers should be able to have that leaderboard on their dashboard somewhere, and still need to be able to edit the points for any users in case of Extension error, or any other reason.

  • GamekNightPlays commented
    8 Sep, 2017 06:03pm

    I agree - a reward to trigger audio files would be incredible, it's something my viewers love!

    You do have a ladder though, it's just not visible from the Streamlabs control panel - go to your tipping page, and click the loyalty tab.

    We need a way to give points to our viewers - rewards that aren't otherwise available or just because we are feeling generous!

  • Shadzar commented
    8 Sep, 2017 02:43am

    i havent even gotten any of the games to work other than the chests so i didnt know there wasnt a limit. please make a suggestion about the limiting of amount of games that can be played in a minute or something so i may upvote it since you seem to know more about that than i do. :)

  • Ginja7 commented
    7 Sep, 2017 12:49pm

    In my opinion the loyalty beyawas far superior format to this. It feels merfed. Theres no visibility around what my viewers are doing and I miss that. I also used to reward and punish people with adding/removing points and you cant even do that. We could celebrate wins and laugh at losses together. I'm honestly thinking about switching to my ankhbot currency instead so i can go back to how the loyalty beta used to work. It was so flexible and dynamic before the extension I dont even know this exists in my stream. Also I think there should be a limit on how many games people should be able to play