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Rental income rises 3.98% in January, according to Secure Rental

Rental rents have closed January with an increase of 3.98%, according to the Rent Updating Index of Rental Contracts (ARCA) of Secure Rental. Thus, a rental agreement signed in January 2016 with an income of 500 euros would be updated with this month's ARCA index to 519.90 euros.

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The interannual indicator continues at positive levels for more than twenty consecutive months and, according to Alquiler Seguro, it seems to have found stable growth. Since October 2017 (when this trend began), the rental income data has moved in a range of three tenths, but always close to 4%.

"The rental market continues to adapt to its new reality, after a year in which the average price of rents has gradually increased," the company stressed.

For his part, the commercial director of Secure Rental, David Caraballo, recalled that to find the latest negative data, one must go back to April 2016, the date on which rental income stood at -0.07%.

In addition, Caraballo has stated that the factors that have driven this rise in the price of rents are the mismatch between supply and demand, the change in the mentality of Spanish society, which has a greater predisposition towards rent as a way of life. , and investor interest in the profitability offered by this market.

The index tft cheat sheet is available to landlords, tenants and professionals one month before the CPI. In addition, in order to update the rents in a "real and reliable" way with the ARCA index, Secure Rental makes available to landlords and professionals the legal clause that must be included in the lease contracts.

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  • Sep 18 2020