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The Insurance Rental company buys another batch of 18 homes for 1.11 million

Quid Pro Quo, the rental insurance company of flats for rent , has bought another batch of 18 flats for rent distributed in various cities for an amount of 1.11 million euros, as reported by the firm.

The company thus goes one step further in its business and expansion plan, which aims to close 2019 with 150 floors for rent , a portfolio that will quadruple the 37 floors with which it debuted at the MAB at the beginning of last month of July.

With this operation, which follows those carried out in previous months, the firm strengthens itself in the Madrid market and disembarks in those of Valencia and Alicante.

The socimi has paid with resources it had in cash to take these houses that are leased, with the exception of one of them, through contracts that precisely manage Secure Rental . According to their data, they generate a gross return of 7.84% on the purchase price.

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"QPQ Secure Rental aims to professionalize the rental housing offer making it homogeneous, stable, dispersed and continues, " said its president, Gustavo Rossi, on the occasion of his departure to MAB.

Rossi remarked that the socimi is the first specialized in renting “scattered” housing (flats located in different buildings and areas). "With its debut at MAB, the sector gets a real vehicle that works to professionalize the offer , adapting it to the needs of tenants," he added then.

Quid Pro Quo buys houses in provincial capitals

Quid Pro Quo is a patrimonialist subsidiary of the Enacom group, the 'holding' owner of Renta Seguro and other firms dedicated to different services and businesses in the real estate sector.

The firm's growth strategy is to buy homes in "the main provincial capitals and their metropolitan areas", depending on the demand for demand for rental apartments.

In addition, the apartments must be rented to tenants who have been selected by Secure Rental , which will manage the leases of the tft cheat sheet , as detailed by the company in the brochure explaining its departure to MAB.

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  • Sep 18 2020