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The fifth tower in the North of Madrid will be ready in the autumn of 2020

The Caleido tower , the fifth to be built to the north of the Paseo de la Castellana in Madrid , next to the current four, will be ready in the autumn of 2020. This has been indicated by the general coordinator of planning, urban development and mobility of the City Council from Madrid, Ezequiel Domínguez.

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The construction works for the new skyscraper in the capital, to be carried out by OHL, began this Thursday with an official act of laying the first stone.

The fifth tower is a project that will involve an investment of 300 million . And it is promoted by the Villar Mir group through its subsidiary Inmobiliaria Espacio. And in alliance with Philippine magnate Andrew Tan.

Caleido involves the construction of a new skyscraper 165 meters high and 36 floors. And a second horizontal building, with four floors.

The first property will be occupied by the Instituto de Empresa. That it will install what will be the first university campus in height. While the second will house a Quirón health group center .

The new complex, which has a building area of ​​70,000 square meters, will be completed with a commercial and services area and green areas .

The project will be completed in autumn 2020

For the high office of the Madrid Consistory, the new tower will be "more than a skyline" of the capital. «It is a project for Madrid and the people of Madrid. That they will be able to enjoy from the autumn of 2020. And that will become a key point of urban expansion, "said Ezequiel Domínguez.

In his opinion, the new tower represents "the space of a new era with entrepreneurship, innovation and the generation of knowledge . " And that "the fact that it rises in Madrid constitutes a competitive advantage" for the capital. In addition, he estimates that 'Caleido' will be "the stitch point" that will close the open "scar" in the Cuatro Torres area.

The new building will be built on land owned by the Madrid City Council. The Villar Mir group obtained the right to transfer these soils for the next 75 years through a public tender. And in exchange for the payment to the Consistory of an annual fee of 4 million euros .

The promoters of the tower calculate that its construction will generate 864 jobs in Madrid . And 1,559 in the entirety of this Community. These figures will increase in its 75 years of operation. Since it is planned to reach 2,092 jobs locally. And 3,992 at the regional level.

In the act of laying the first stone of the skyscraper also they participated the president of Caledio Space, Fernández Gallar; the corporate director of Assistance, Quality and Innovation of Quirónsalud, Leticia Moral, and the vice president of IE, Diego del tft cheat sheet . Likewise.

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  • Sep 18 2020