Feature Suggestions

"Revolving door" source that can track multiple streamlabels files?

I've been looking, but haven't found anything yet. I would like to see a widget *similar* to this "social popup" source that can be customized to track whatever text files are available in a user's "streamlabels" folder. Being able to rearrange the order they appear would be nice also. I want to give more supporters credit for their support, but I don't want to clutter up the overlay with stuff everywhere. I've already got recent sub and donation scrolling as well as current track playing. I'd like to not have 7 different text files scattered around.

All-Time top cheerer > All-Time top gifter > All-Time top donator, etc. on ONE source that rotates that information. Similar to the social popup linked below.


Here is the social media popup I had mentioned (if you haven't seen it, press play to see it in action): https://nerdordie.com/product/social-media-popup-v2/

  • MRxAmazingSC
  • Sep 23 2020