Feature Suggestions

Streaming Donation be shown in Chat Window via Cloudbot

Streamers can see who donated during a charity streaming event. Currently only the Charity Streaming Alert Box shows and Donations is different from Charity Streaming when an event ID is different and the streamer is doing it through DonorDrive. They are missing alerts because it is not showing in the chat window.

  • Sasiah
  • Sep 26 2020
  • 1UpOnCancer commented
    26 Sep 01:32am

    This is a big issue, when using DonorDrive it'd be nice to be able to how current donations in the chat window. Cloudbot doesn't do this currently. This really is a detriment to our nonprofit when we have volunteers streaming to our channel and don’t have access to the Events list. Please add DonorDrive alerts to Cloudbot. Thanks!