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New Century Plumbing & Heating

New Century plumbing & heating, a twenty years old company driven by a forty years’ experienced pal Kevin. We are a fully insured, RGII registered company of experienced and hardworking plumbers on board with us from across Dublin. Based on the vast experience and expertise of our technicians, we are one of the most trusted service providers in the town.

New Century is one of the oldest contractors in Dublin offering heating services. Along with that, we are offering a wide range of services that include the installation of plumbing, repair, and maintenance services for heat insulators, etc. In addition, we can also provide services for boiler installation, radiator replacement, tanker installation, and installation of gas insulators.

New Century has served thousands of customers across Dublin for the past 40 years, though the company was formed in 2000 before that, Kevin was serving Irish people for almost 20 years. Kevin’s passion for plumbing work and his flawless work helped him gain experience in the industry, which is undeniable in terms of his expertise. Under Kevin’s leadership, New Century has achieved the mission of winning customer loyalty across the market.

We have established our niche in complete washroom makeover within your budget as well as at very competitive price points. Our happy customers can vouch for the level of expertise we have and the unique finishing approach we offer to each individual project. Whether you have a small plumbing related issue or you have a large-scale construction project that involves complex sewer, water, and gas system installation, we can handle all.

Delivering customer satisfaction is our primary objective behind any plumbing job and we have achieved it so far through our skilled plumbers. Our plumbers pay attention to every little detail and ensure that the quality of work is never compromised.

  • Jessica Hanson
  • Oct 9 2020