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Erection problems at age 60

Erection problems at age 60: symptoms, causes and solutions

From 50, sexual disorders appear: decreased libido and erectile dysfunction in the front line.

And it is estimated that at 60 years of age, 1 in 2 men suffers from an erection disorder...

So that's no exception. And because we believe in Charles to have sexuality at any age, we encourage men who suffer from it to seek treatment. Because, yes, our elders still have a sexuality, and fortunately!

Among sexual disorders, erectile dysfunction is indeed the most treatable disorder since the arrival of PDE5 inhibitors.

A look back at a vast taboo around men's sexuality and their disorders.

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Why are erection problems at age 60 more common?

Erect erectile disorders are actually more common from the age of 60; and are related to body aging.

The first symptoms are difficulty getting an erection, an erection that lasts less time - or even less rigid.

But this is far from inevitable, as these disorders are being treated better and better. In fact, the question must be: do I suffer from my sex life? If the answer is yes, you should discuss it with a doctor — whether it is erectile dysfunction or another disorder.

It affects the male ego, it may not be fun, but it is a common problem when you move forward in life (and also affects younger men). So there is no embarrassment or shame to be had.

It is even regrettable that these issues are still taboo, as many men do not seek solutions and prefer to see their quality of life deteriorate, instead of seeking solutions.

Erection problems at age 60 are very often related to a chronic disease or health event

These are the main causes of erectile dysfunction at age 60: chronic diseases.

Among them are:

  • Diabetic disease

  • High blood pressure

  • Cardiovascular disease

  • Chronic neurological diseases

  • Or digestive diseases

  • Cancer

  • Rheumatic diseases etc.

All of these diseases can interfere with or impair the proper functioning of the arteries necessary for erection. And on the other hand, if they cause pain or ill-being, cause sexual disorders in general.

Finally, some particularly violent life events (such as stroke or prostate surgery) can also induce disorders.

Health status and its psychological influence are important factors for the mechanics of erection, arousal and libido.

It is for these different reasons that doctors recommend first treating these diseases well, before taking charge of sexual disorders.

Erection problems at age 60 due to accumulation of benign factors

This is probably the most common cause. By accumulating benign factors that can impair the erection, they end up degrading the situation.

These factors include:

  • More or less old smoking

  • Being overweight

  • Lack of physical activity

All these factors influence the quality of the arteries, and therefore the erection. Finally, sometimes it is only psychological factors that hinder sexuality: stress,family problems or in the couple...

Solutions to erection problems... Even at 60!

Sexuality doesn't stop with age! It is a prejudice that society conveys, and which many seniors end up believing; but that's not true! In reality, older people even have a more fulfilling sexuality with age, provided they are in good physical and mental health.

And when erectile disorders are present, therapies are now tailored to each individual: solving physical and mental problems, as well as effective treatment.

The sexologist will therefore first seek to identify the causes of the sexual disorder, particularly physical. These concerns will have to be addressed first; before focusing also on psychological difficulties, if they exist.

At the same time, a treatment can be proposed, promoting a positive mechanism: the return of a sex life and performance. Thus, if blockages were psychological, finding erections, for example, will promote the healing of the disorder.

The whole thing is to consult at the slightest difficulty, because an erection disorder can hide other pathologies.

On erection medications, check out our article. It's a good idea to take blue chew for men over 60 years old.

What to remember: Don't be left alone with an erection problem

You still have many good years to live! So don't be left alone with an erection problem, if it's a source of suffering.

It is sometimes difficult to understand the causes of erectile dysfunction alone; just like the solutions.

Get help with the help of a sexologist, who treats these difficulties on a daily basis.

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