Feature Suggestions

One browser source area like SE

Atm the moment Streamlabs is a showboat area for new streamers and people who want basic overlays. Yes we have coding options but hey are limited to that.

What i suggest is a System like Streamelements where we can make overlays all in one browser source and have more options for our widgets.

Right now in my Obs i have 15 browser sources it consumes so much. Why cant we combine them to one Source. this is why i think SE has move ahead of Streamlabs and its free yet we pay 19$ a month for what Showboating and JUNK themes. As a paying customer i would like a all in one area where i can have all my sources added. And add my own Coding.

Please consider this as i cannot support the service anymore if this remains the same... Streamlabs has become outdated and overpriced you used to be the most advanced provider now it just feels like greed.

anyway hope you read this.

  • DAYR
  • Oct 17 2020