Feature Suggestions

Allow us to authenticate with Twitch without being forced to stream to Twitch.

We use Restream.io for our streams because it consolidates all the streaming into a single place and they have a great multi-chat app which also doubles as a "chat relay", meaning it will post what someone says on Twitch into Discord and vice versa. It's great. However, Streamlabs multi-stream is kinda janky.

  • Can only stream to Twitch, Youtube, and a Facebook page. Missing things like Facebook personal profile streaming, periscope, live.edu, and a bunch of other services without manually adding them (which sucks for platforms like youtube and facebook where you have to create an event first).

  • Multi-chat is okay but it doesn't do chat relay like restream and the overlay functionality only works with the default Twitch chat, not the multi-chat.

  • The "non-advanced" Go Live window only updates Twitch stream title & game. You have to click "advanced" for it to update all the selected streaming destinations and it only seems to work half the time.

I imagine these will improve in the future and that's great, but this request isn't about all that. Rather, in the meantime I'd like to just keep streaming to Restream while still using Streamlabs OBS. The problem is that if I am authenticated via Twitch inside SLOBS then I am forced to stream to Twitch. I can also stream to Restream but I can't disable streaming to Twitch. This causes me to have to disable Twitch in Restream.io which removes it from the multi-chat & chat relay, totally eliminating the convenience that Restream provides.

If I log in with Facebook or YouTube instead of Twitch it's the same deal. I am forced to stream to the platform I authenticated with when I'd rather just stream to Restream only. I am able to logout entirely and still stream to Restream that way, which is what I've been doing, but any time I want to browse themes, alerts, or use any apps I have to be authenticated.

I would really like the ability to authenticate with Twitch but not be forced to stream to it. Maybe one day the SLOBS multi-streaming will be on par with Restream and it won't matter, but even if that's being worked on now I can't imagine it will happen anytime soon and this seems like (hopefully) a simpler change that would solve all my issues :)

Thank you for considering my feedback.

-- Chev

  • ChevCast
  • Oct 17 2020