Feature Suggestions

MULTI STREAM PROBLEMS compared to other services

Problem 1:

when I logging to streamlabs with registered youtube account, I am trying to streaming on another youtube channel I cant disable the streaming in logged account, so that, youtube give a strike due to copyright

Problem 2:

when I going streaming, sometimes I want to stop temporarily only on streamlab not on youtube and other destinations due to system crashes or changing loction. When I stop on streamlabs, the youtube and all destinations also be stoped. How can I stop streaming only in streamlabs

Problem 3:

Once when I started the stream, I want to add or edit one of the destination, Only chance is that stop stream and edit, but when I stop stream all the events will be stoped


1. when I logged to youtube, give a facility to edit the server and key.

2. Facility to edit, enable and disable the destinations, even starts the streaming.

3. Facility to view the current status of destinations

4.Give the setting to enable or disable, automatically ending youtube live event - its very important

  • Shamsudheen Kuttippuram
  • Oct 23 2020