Feature Suggestions

Stream Boss Changes

There should be more ways of damaging the Boss; Here are some I thought of:

- Host, damage per viewer
- Points
- Comments, damage per chat (options to include or not count, mods or bots)

Points can be used to buy items to help or sabotage. (listed in low price to high)


- Great Sword (+ [set amount] on next attack)
- Damage Up potion (x [set amount] on next attack)
- Double Tap (Hits the boss twice with next attack)
- Clicker Master (Places a sword on screen, for all viewers to click as much as possible within 10 seconds; User that buys Clicker Master becomes boss; Total damage from Clicker Master is used for Overkill mode)


- Shield (- [set amount] from next attack)
- Heal potion (+ [set amount] heals boss)
- Bodyguard (Block next attack, lasts [set amount])


New themes

- Circle; Places icon in a circle, health bar around it. Number value in a space 1/3 cover the icon, username on top.
- Vertical; A vertical bar, icon username and value to the side.


Overkill should get a minimum so it doesn't go under said amount. ex, person follows for 1 damage boss is now 4 because multiplier is 4.

Error causes "Bad Hex code for background color"

Transparent background still leaves mask on the future theme

  • MrNobodyX3
  • Sep 10 2017