Feature Suggestions

Set custom name and current health for Stream boss

Switching from bit boss battles to streamboss I'd like to set the name and current health as the previous bit boss. It'd be nice if we could also manually set the current health. This would be useful in case of site errors (god forbid) or weird bizarre one off scenarios (I don't know, someone donates by handing me $3 in nickels in person?)

  • Floydasaurus
  • Sep 10 2017
  • The_GameFox commented
    28 Jan, 2018 01:22am

    I have a pot of people who donate outside of Streamlabs ability to see and I  would really like this to be an option! I've also had issues with Streamlabs crashing, so being able to reset the boss would be a huge benefit if that happens again.

  • FACEL3SSGaming commented
    11 Nov, 2017 07:08am

    @WillFMisDope you can change the info. you can just delete the JS that sets the streamboss name or delete the HTML div and create a new one. I recommend 'boss-name' div.

  • WillFMisDope commented
    23 Oct, 2017 09:09pm

    I would kill for this. Trying to look at the JS now to see if I can change it myself. I plan to let the person who donated the most choose the name of the next streamboss or something similar.

  • Luptonium commented
    1 Oct, 2017 09:28pm

    I do a multi character stream, a few of said characters are villains,  my stream has quite the rogues gallery, and I would love to give my streamers a way to punch them.

  • ByucknahTheRed commented
    15 Sep, 2017 11:32am

    Yes! This! 100% this! With the direction that BBB is going lately I would love to switch over to Streamlabs version of BBB but the lack of ability to set a twitch viewer as the boss is keeping me from switching. I am not going to take away their well earned spot as the boss just to switch. Until the option comes to set user AND the current/max hp they have then I wont switch personally.