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The Hospitality Real Estate of Pakistan is in a Take off Position

The real estate sector in Pakistan has now transformed into a multi-dimensional segment. The reason for this is perhaps the renewed interest of veteran investors in the real estate sector and a large number of new entrants in the market. The focus real estate investments in Pakistan has now expanded and is breaking stereotypes. For instance, only a couple of months earlier the real estate investments were being made in the usual private housing schemes and commercial hi-rises. This trend is quickly changing and we will see unlocking of new investment horizons for the investors of the country at large.

The real estate investments in the hospitality sector of Pakistan are taking a hike. This is largely due to the fact that Pakistan is now open for tourism. After two long decades of fighting and winning the war on terror, the country is swiftly taking its place back in the global tourism standing. Due to the influx of social media, there is now no need for large camera crews to follow tourism documentary teams in Pakistan. In fact, majority of the travel video bloggers from sites like YouTube and Facebook have already visited Pakistan and have collectively termed it as one of the best tourism destinations across the globe.

With the resumption of tourism activities in the country, the associated economical segments have also ramped up in terms of activity and volume. The hospitality real estate is one of the few segments that have been revitalized after the resumption of tourism activities in the region. According to the real estate experts in the region, the tourism real estate sector is looking at a gram slam home run with both, veteran and new real estate investors jumping the band wagon.

The hospitality real estate sector of Islamabad is also seeing a consistent hike in terms of new such projects and the investors. In fact, currently there are 4 or more hospitality related projects in Islamabad that are being developed. These projects have made it easy for the real estate investors to invest in this niche real estate segment by giving them an option of free-hold property. In these property types, hotel suites, resort rooms, shops and commercial floors are sold to the investors on free hold bases. This means that the monthly income of the real estate unit will go to the investors while all the management and maintenance is being done by the developer or the management of such property. This is proving to be an attractive investment model for the investors at large as they start receiving monthly yield on their investment from day one while they do not even have to look after the maintenance or rental agreements of the property. In fact, most of these free-hold properties, in order to attract investors, offer a limited time staycation to the investors after it’s built.

Although there are many free-hold property ventures in the hospitality scenario of Islamabad, but Whispering Pines Resorts is one of the best amongst them. The resorts are located right in the heart of Margalla Hills at an elevation that gives memorizing views of the majestic Margalla Hills. The resorts are located at a distance of 35 KM from Islamabad’s Super market and lies at a 10-minute drive from Monal restaurant in PirSohawa. According to the developers of whispering pines resorts, the occupancy has remained over 90% for their resort and now they have launched phase 2 of the resorts to cope up with the ever expanding demand of the tourists. There are a limited number of loft apartments for sale in the developing Phase 2 of whispering pines resorts. According to the developer of whispering pines resorts, the project is approved from Galiyat Development authority and they offer rental yield from the day the investor completes 90% payment. These apartments in whispering pines resorts are available on a 50% down payment with rest of the payment distributed over a span of two years.

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  • Nov 6 2020