Feature Suggestions

Currency Commands!

The Twitch Extension really needs to have commands to add/Subtract currency from users.

Either that or options to automatically hand out "Specific" amounts of currency for specific events.

I for one hand out 250 Carrots at the end of the stream
1 Carrot per bit cheered
100 Carrots per euro/dollar donated and
500, 1500 or 2500 carrots for Sub tier 1, 2 and 3 respectively.

To quote Ankhbot's way of doing things:
My points are called Carrots (since our bunnies are stream mascots etc etc.)
So my command goes
!carrots add/remove +viewers X (Where x is the amount of points to hand out or remove from everyone in chat)
!carrots add/remove <name> X (where x is the amount of points to hand out or remove from the user targeted)
(also allowing your mods to use these commands is a must imho)

I can't do this currently and that's stopping me from using the Streamlabs extension ;)

Currently the Loyalty points leader-board is only visible via your own Tip page, which in my opinion is really unhandy.
Please allow us to view that page from our Dashboards.

And sorry for sounding like complaining user 101 but please don't be like twitch, Rolling out new feature after feature without fixing bugs in the current features

I still have a lot of issues with several things on my dashboard while using Chrome, including the Wishlist.

Besides that, keep up the good work <3 you guys are doing awesome!
  • GeneralM13
  • Sep 11 2017
  • ChristopherWildey commented
    April 13, 2018 00:08

    hello. i was wondering if someone could help me set the bot up so that viewers can give their points to another viewer. thanks

  • dengar10 commented
    September 20, 2018 03:14

    $givepoints("$userid","$targetid","$num2","$userid gave $value $currencyname to $targetid","fail","false")

  • ZhaoYuna commented
    December 10, 2018 21:02

    comand for REMOVE all currenty all users?