Feature Suggestions

Play Any Game With Simple Keyboard Shortcuts With Your Viewers

This feature would let you play certain games with your Twitch viewers by allowing those playing to take turns controlling the streamer's keyboard.

This feature would be universal to all games that rely on simple keyboard inputs (ie Blackjack, etc.)

How it Works:
Streamer creates a list of users who are playing, and custom commands depending on the game being played.

Ex. in Blackjack, when a player's turn comes, the selected player types "!hit", chatbot execuses a keyboard press 'H', which is the shortcut for hit)

When user is done with their turn, they type !end, and control shifts to the next user in the list.

Essentially, there'd be no limits to how many can play except constraints placed by the game you are playing.

There could also be a 'Full Chat' feature that surveys the Streamers entire chat and actuates the command most typed, a la "Twitch plays".
  • Nov 8 2020
  • ONIDRAUG commented
    8 Nov, 2020 06:48pm
    Actually, scratch the !end. Some games may not have linear turns. The Streamer would have to manually select the viewer when it is their turn in order to give them control.