Feature Suggestions

An extention that syncs the streamer's Youtube with the viewers'.

With the current DMCA crackdown by Twitch, streamers are no longer allowed to stream music without repercussions. My thought is to have an extension that syncs the streamers Youtube with the viewers who are using the extension. The streamer can still allow music requests without broadcasting the audio as each viewer would be independently loading the video.

Another thing that would increase usership, would be to allow the viewer to decide the quality and size of the video player on screen (or to have no video at all and just have audio).

I believe that this would benefit all parties involved. Twitch avoids DMCA notices, the streamer maintains the ability to have some form of musical conection totheir viewers, Youtube sees a huge spike in viewers, and Streamlabs can maintain their playlist feature while also getting their logo onto the every viewer using the extention.

  • KarraChr000
  • Nov 11 2020
  • CaveGeekArt commented
    11 Nov 11:55pm

    As a streamer, this is a fantastic idea! Please make this happen asap!