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How many kinds of essays are there?

There are three broad types of essays that you should know before getting started with your essay writing.

Descriptive essays. You have to describe an issue or idea in this type, and they are common in your first-year modules. You usually do not have to do much as an argument in these essays. The focus in this type is on the research and illustrating you have a good grasp of the topic.

Convincing essays. These types of essays are mostly practiced in exams and intermediate undergraduate standards. Here you have to focus a debate among the scholars and write about it, and then you have to exhibit the perspectives of both sides and have to debate for one side.

Exploration essays. These are common in the upper-level undergraduate and postgraduate standards. This type requires the arrangement of an immense amount of existing explorations.

You can write a good essay if you practice according to these types. These are the levels on which we learn to write essays and dissertations to help you practice your creative writing. Whatever is the type of your essay, hire law assignment help to give you a best support?

  • Nov 12 2020