Feature Suggestions

Better CSS/HTML integration and editing options

right now in the alerts panel I can create basic html and css. However, it seems very particular about what transition and animations can be used from css3. It is particularly frustrating to watch what I know I pasted into the CSS tab disappear when checking the HTML code and returning to the css tab. There also seems to be a great deal of conflict between the native animation options of an alert and the customized options.

I know you're trying to sell prime, but some of us have clients who know we're good at what we do but don't know why we are taking so long with their requests - or why we seem unable to provide without some sort of workaround. It is also stressful to try to do work that would operate normally in a browser but will not work in the css fields.

If this isn't fixed I may be forced to find alternatives to slobs - not just for me but for all of my current and future clients.

  • Pietro Alberto
  • Nov 12 2020