Feature Suggestions

Rotation of video source object. Create mask for video source.

Today, when I asked how to rotate an object in Streamlabs OBS, someone in Streamlab's Discord responded with using "Right-click the source > Transform" to rotate an object (video source). I explained to them it only gives me the option of 90 degrees CW/CCW, and 180 degrees.

I needed a more minute rotation. So I guess I have 2 requests...

1) I would like a slider of some type to do a full 360-degree rotation of an object (video source). It would also be nice if I held a key like Alt or Ctrl while hovering over the corner of the resize squares to go to a rotation of the object I'm above with my mouse.

2) The second part of that would be the ability to rotate the object (full 360 degrees) within the confined shape that I've already sized (a rectangle). This would work like Photoshop's masks. If you select the main object (eg, the video source) but not the mask, you can rotate it and scale it without the mask object (rectangle) not sizing or moving at all. This could also be a FILTER to keep it within the mask object.



  • PantherDawg
  • Nov 16 2020