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We Started Our Garden On A Window-Sill

We found the idea of planting a huge garden a little overwhelming so we decided to start small and grow as we learn.

I started by growing herbs for cooking, right on our kitchen windowsill. Fortunately for us it’s they are the only windows that get enough direct sunlight.

After that I felt confident that I could start my garden plants from seed and start a little vegetable garden. I didn’t do so well with starting from seed as I didn’t have enough window space for them all and ended up buying starter plants, but we had our first vegetable garden and I was so proud of it.

For the following year I purchased a mini source . I started seeds and put them in the mini greenhouse where they were protected from the elements until they were strong enough to be set outdoors.

I kept my mini greenhouse in the garage so I could just open the garage door and let them get all the sunlight they needed. It was great a great start to a new gardening season.

  • Kristine Sisk
  • Nov 16 2020