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Beautiful stone tomb form

Sample beautiful stone tomb - Thien Nhan handicraft stone. mo da doi dep con is called a rock tomb for 2 or more people, maybe 4 people in a tomb campus.

Nowadays, the trend of building twin tombs for grandparents and parents is favoring. Building twin tombs both shows cohesion and saves a small area of land. Twin stone tomb is a model for two people with a variety of designs and sizes. Thiennhanstone.com would like to introduce to you the beautiful and delicate double stone tombs suitable for the sacred space.

Basic twin tomb sizes: 175 × 147 (cm) and 197 × 176 (cm)

In addition, we also have samples of tam Son tomb, mo da tron, other tomb with blade roof ...

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  • Quỳnh Nguyễn
  • Nov 20 2020