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IPhone ringtone settings

Hello friends.

As you know, iPhone users always complain when they want to change their ringtone through iTunes. The iPhone has a fairly tight operating system, so it's very secure for security as well so that you want to add a file to your phone is a pain. Those who regularly set ringtones, master it and master it please don't laugh at me. I will guide newcomers on how to install ringtones fastest.

You can use some Apps to install ringtones, they are free to download on the Appstore. If you don't like that, you can go to https://tonosdellamadamp3.com/ and choose the appropriate iPhone ringtones, then install them directly without going through iTunes. This is quite appealing as you can change the ringtone even wherever you are. Let's try it.

  • Tonos de llamada Mp3
  • Dec 9 2020