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Text Based Widget

When somebody donates, subscribes, or sends bits to a stream, the current widgets available will display that information visually, but I would like to just get a simple text-based update from a widget link. Something such as a widget link that pushes a live stream of simple text data like "user donated $5", "user donated 12 bits", "user subscribed".


Currently if I want these three points of data from a stream, to my understanding, I have to poll twitch chat for subs and bits, and then get donation data from streamlabs, when a simple widget link would be capable of giving all three in one.

  • xRigid
  • Sep 15 2017
  • Shadzar commented
    September 15, 2017 04:13

    you can't do that with the alert box now?

    Set the text highlight color to the same as the default color for each alert.
    set all text animations to "none"
    delete the image on each alert


    this will result in text-only alert that is all 1 color, with no animations, except the animation to make the alert appear such as fade-in and fade out when an alert actually happens.


    also when the custom JS starts working for the StreamBoss, you should be able to just make it give text-only output to the screen


    or am i misunderstanding the intent?

  • SOWHOYOUdotCOM commented
    September 15, 2017 07:52

    You could use Stream Labels

  • xRigid commented
    September 15, 2017 20:09

    Actually the Stream Labels is likely exactly what I needed, thanks SOWHOYOUdotCOM.

    I had sent a support and they suggested I post here, and clearly that was the right choice.

    I will be able to do what I want by pulling data from the text files generated by the Stream Labels, as what I wanted was some way to see Most Recent Subscriber, Most Recent Donator, etc., with amounts.