Feature Suggestions

Sub Only & Limited Availability Loyalty Rewards

Sub Only Loyalty Rewards
Some of the rewards via my current system are only available to subscribers so with the current model I can't fully transition over. It would be great if we could have a way to limit certain rewards to ONLY subs/ only specific sub tiers. This way these special rewards cannot be purchased unless you are a sub in addition to having the proper currency amount. I LOVE the extension so it would be rad if this were added as an option when creating custom rewards.

Limited Loyalty Rewards
Additionally I would love to be able to limit the amount of redemption of specific rewards so as to not overload the stream. A simple x/y available and when all are purchased it shows 'SOLD OUT'.

  • miss_flynn
  • Sep 15 2017
  • OriiginalAdam commented
    19 Mar, 2019 11:22pm


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    18 Oct, 2018 12:23am

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  • GamekNightPlays commented
    4 Oct, 2017 12:25pm

    SO agree on both - having the option to set these things would make subbing more attractive to people and I could control the flow of name redemptions for instance for my games.