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External Mic for the Mobile App.

Hey guys, i was streaming eith your App at Gamescom, and i realized that your App only use the Mic of the Phone itself.
I bought a Bluetooth Headset and even a Line-In Mic.
It would be cool if the apps could use external Mic's because it would improve the sound quality in loud enviroments.

  • DrOversteer
  • Sep 17 2017
  • MrBlueSwirl commented
    11 Oct 10:57pm

    this is thithis is greatly needed

  • warrior_ commented
    22 Jul, 2019 09:27pm

    I don't understand why this most basic feature only have 25 votes. Do people stream games without  headphones so that the phones built in mic can be picked up? (we are in 2019 and a lot  of them require strerio sound to play properly)

    At the moment I find that I can stream games like a robot without being able to interact with any viewer.

    Please fix this!

  • Vic Mortelmans commented
    19 May, 2019 11:51am

    Since Youtube blocked mobile streaming for channels with less than 1000 subscribers a couple of weeks ago, and after investigating lots of alternatives, Streamlabs came out as the only viable fallback. It would even allow us to continue streaming to our existing Youtube channel, but the external sound is a necessity. Our "camera" phone is in a fixed setup and connected to the line out of an amplifier that has a number of microphones connected and that works OK for Youtube mobile streaming and most other apps that record sound, but not for Streamlabs, which leaves us practically without alternative now :(

  • BoymanTV commented
    12 Apr, 2019 11:46am

    How is this not implemented yet?

  • Caveman9696 commented
    12 Nov, 2018 11:34pm

    Yes please do

  • n0yzi_dk commented
    30 Sep, 2018 05:53pm

    Don't know why but this does not work, for me at least... I use a TRRS plug and the mic works in other apps, incl. the sound capture app pre installed on my phone, but doesn't work in streamlabs app...

  • thymebalm32 commented
    11 May, 2018 05:08pm

    @Mo05eman How did you get the app to capture the sound?

  • Mo05eman commented
    7 Apr, 2018 07:41pm

    I had no trouble using my RODE videomic pro with the app. Idk about bluetooth or USB mics but if you use a 3.5mm mic it should work fine as long as you have a TRRS plug or an adapter to TRRS. Here is a video clarifying a bit if you are still having trouble. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fA7YV8zwr0Y

  • Stew Pendous commented
    29 Mar, 2018 08:54pm

    completely agree, this hands down beats anything else out there for streaming on mobile, but that in ability to use an external mic, wired or BT, is really a deal killer for me.  I mean, most people are probably using this to stream mobile games, which means that the mic is going to be muffled, bumped, tapped, and brushed by for the entire stream.  I would love to see this updated soon, it really is a necessary feature for a mobile streaming solution.

  • tafGarcia commented
    27 Jan, 2018 03:14pm

    Yes please! I stream often and audio can be a issue sometimes.  I would love to be able to plug a mic in. 

  • JAR0D commented
    2 Jan, 2018 11:45pm

    I can totally agree. This is definately my personal most wanted feature.

  • SoWeQDK commented
    1 Oct, 2017 03:16am

    I Totally agree. Ive built a setup the past week to find out the same thing. This has to be fixed. Everything runs through the phones mic instead of the external mic, even with all sorts of adapters. It funny enough, works in other programs, but just not for streaming in streamlabs. If u fix this fast, then this would be the best program ever for this purpose. 
    If possible, add more features like, choosing mono to stereo in the software and so on, on the external mic. Also it mutes all alerts if the mic is plugged in. Guess because it doesn't seperate the two things, mic and headset in the program. 

    +1 DrOversteer