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Better VST Support Documentation

I recently purchased Izotope Nectar 3. I'm familiar with using VSTs and SLOBs detects the Nectar 3 VST but when I go to use the virtual assistant it will hang on waiting for audio. It also will stop functioning if opened and closed once.

I have tested this in a clean SLOBs installation and re-installed Nectar 3. I know it has to be a compatibility issue since I can get the Nectar VST working without issue in OBS Studio. It would have been nice to know this wouldn't work in advance. It would be helpful to have a way to document VST issues as more and more streamers take advantage of them. I also hope that this particular VSTs compatibility issues can be resolved in the near future.

  • LastTimeLord
  • Jan 11 2021
  • emilyisfun commented
    12 Jan 05:58pm

    I second that. I bought the Valhalla VintageVerb Plugin and was excited to have it right in my audio signal chain in SLOBS. It works fine in OBS studio, but the plugin interface will not open in SLOBS and ends up freezing the audio plugins window and the main SLOBS interface if I try to open the plugin (though the plugin itself does sound, so I do know part of it has been recognized.)

    I tried older versions of the VST 2 download of the reverb, in addition to running everything as an administrator.